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Commandline Based Project Management Application, written in Python. Codetree

PyProjMan is currently under redesign phase! This might push delivery date for Beta release.

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It is partially started to practice coding in python, and partially to overcome some challenges I personally faced when using existing Project Management Tools. The main goal of this tool, is to allow users to script in project tasks, instead of manually writing things in a spreadsheet and eye-balling the resulting GANTT chart.

I wanted this project to collect data from users (after getting their consent), and teach a mathematical model patterns collected, such that a mature version of this application would figure out the context of a certain project, and then suggests tasks to be added to the project plan. In addition to providing a more realistic execution time frame. So, instead of requiring an experienced project manager, with experienced team to properly estimate when this project will be completed, the tool will use its collective wisdom, gathered from other projects (failed and successful) to propose change in numbers, in time frame and even cost.

In addition, exposure to large number of projects, would allow the tool to figure out project contexts, and propose tasks that were not considered as part of the original project plan.


To run PyProjMan

  1. download the project

git clone

you can also download it as zip file

  1. run the following command



This project is in deep need for contributors, in development, artwork, system design, testing, and documentation. If you are interested, please check out contribution guidelines

You can also have a look at the Wiki pages of this repo